Shaftastic Challengers

ShaftasticTV will cover all eight Challangers of Quake Pro League Season 2022 as announced at Twitter.

Tune in to theirs broadcast at

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QPL 2022: Announcement

Quake Pro League 2022 was announced on 1st February 2022
and it will start on Saturday 5th February at 16:00

Season 2022 of Quake Pro League merged regions and 16 players in Quake Pro League will face each other no matter of region instead of playing fellow players from each group.

Quake Challangers are now split to 8 tournaments, with 4 Global and 1 for ear region.

Regoins are Australia, EU/CIS, South America and North America. Winner of each Challanger will advance directly to finals that shall be played in August 2022.

Schedule of tournament is repeating 2 weeks of QPL and one week of Challangers.


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